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[fanfic] Why'd you hit Italy?

"Hey, Bulgaria…"

Bulgaria blinked lightly, then turned to the voice that called to him. His eyes caught Thailand in their sights and he looked with his usual unreadable expression at the Asian nation. What did he want?

"Why is it that every time you see Italy, you keep assaulting the little fella?" Thailand asked, a calm smile on his face as he leaned against a wall.

The two were outside a big military building. A few minutes ago the two were in a meeting with the other Axis Powers and were discussing strategy. During that said meeting Italy was hit with a ruler by Bulgaria, thus getting scolded. That action by the Balkan nation made Thailand curious of why his ally in this war was so anti-Italy.

Bulgaria kept silent for a while. After a bit, though, he put his hands in his pockets and looked up to the sky. "His face. It makes me want to hit him as hard as I can."

Thailand raised a brow. It was something about Italy's face, then? Strange, he had never noticed anything in particular about the Northern brother to cause a physical assault. Was it that Bulgaria saw something that he couldn't?

Or was it just that Bulgaria was imagining things.


"Yeah." was the simple answer.

"Maybe you're just suffering from paranoya, Bulgaria?" Thailand suggested with the usual calm smile.

Bulgaria furrowed a brow, then looked to his colleague. Paranoya? Yeah right. He didn't like his face. What was so hard to understand about that?! "Maybe you're imagining that to label me with some condition, Thailand." Bulgaria replied.

Thailand sighed lightly. "I have a big imagination, perhaps… But I can tell that there's more to this story than meets the eye." he said lightly and removed himself from the wall, then stood beside the taller nation.

Bulgaria didn't say anything for a short time. When he did, he said: "What's it to you, anyways? For all you know, it's an European thing." He didn't want to talk about the issue, clearly.

Thailand could understand that, but curiosity prevailed. "Oh come now, it can't be that bad, can it?"

Bulgaria narrowed his gaze on the four-eyes and put his hands in the pockets of his coat. "Maybe it's something personal, maybe it isn't. Anyways it's none of your business, Mr. Thailand." Bulgaria said and turned in an attempt to leave this conversation.

Thailand, however, followed the Bulgarian, his footing matching that of the other. Bulgaria grunted. This was not what he wanted to happen. He started walking faster, going in the building. Thailand followed. Bulgaria stopped walking and ran for it. Thailand ran too.

Bulgaria pushed open a number of doors, running past offices and going up staircases, then going through another office and up another staircase. Thailand wasn't about to get left behind and ran quite fast as well, being 6ft away from the other man.

After a long period of running around the building, which included Bulgaria spilling coffee on Romano (and Thailand accidentally stepping on his foot), Hungary almost getting run over, but saved just in time by Austria and young Iraq getting his beret blown out from a window by the speed of the two other nations.

Bulgaria panted, cornered and glaring angrily at Thailand. "Leave me alone!"

Thailand panted as well, feeling tired just as much as the other. "Nope. Not giving up."

Bulgaria looked around, trying to find an exit. The closest one was a window. He didn't remember on which floor he was on, though.

"So, gonna tell me now, Bulgaria? Or should I resort to getting the information out of you by other means?"

Bulgaria growled. "Like hell I'll say!" And with that he jumped out of the window. Much to his dismay he found out he was on a pretty high floor. A painful impact was imminent. A yell of fright escaped the nation as he covered up, preparing to hit the ground (and probably break a few bones in the process).

However nothing happened. Instead of a hard ground Bulgaria felt landing on something soft and feeling like… skin? He reluctantly opened an eye and saw that he was on something big and gray. "What… the…?" And then came the voice.

"I see you finally made it to the first floor, eh?" Thailand spoke, sitting in front of him.

Bulgaria stared. "What?! When?! How… What the…?!"

Thailand smirked. "I've got my ways. You sure are lucky I had my elephant parked here, haha."

Thailand's happy smile made Bulgaria feel confused. Didn't he get tired of smiling so much?

"So now, you gonna spill the beans?"

Bulgaria clenched a hand into a fist. "Why you…" a second later he sighed, though. He relaxed his hand and turned on his back, looking to the sky.


Bulgaria closed his eyes. "Fine, I'll tell you. But only so you can leave me alone."

Thailand got a very victorious like expression on his face. "Hurray then!"

Bulgaria then proceeded to explain to the other in full detail his reasons. From start to finish, not leaving out anything he could remember. And when he was done, he sat up to look at Thailand.

"And that is why… Italy's face makes me want to hit him." Bulgaria spoke, the unreadable expression returning to his face.

Thailand sweatdropped. "Oh… I see… well, Italy isn't really at fault for how things have gone, though."

Bulgaria shrugged. "Doesn't stop me to hit him for that."

Thailand raised a brow. "Have you told anyone else about this, Bulgaria?"

Bulgaria shook with his head. "No. I suggest you don't share this with anyone." With that said he slid off the elephant and walked back into the building.

Thailand watched him leave, quietly.

"Otherwise your face's next." Bulgaria added, before disappearing.

Thailand smiled lightly. He looked to the sky and whispered: "Sooner or later he'll get over it."

He never said to anyone what Bulgaria had told him. He felt that Bulgaria sharing the reason with him meant that Bulgaria could at the least trust him somewhat. And he wasn't about to betray that trust. Maybe this was the way Bulgaria accepted Thailand as a friend?

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