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[fanfic] The face he hates

Title: The face he hates

Artist: kaiju_z

Characters/Pairings: Bulgaria, North Italy, Germany and Prussia

Rating: Uh... not really good with those ^^;

Warnings: Italy gets bullied.

Summary: After some training, Italy gets bullied by a certain Balkan nation...

It’s the hidden base, just a few minutes after Ludwig was training me, Kiku and the other Axis members vigorously. Uwaa, such hard training.
I wipe some sweat from my forehead and I walk off to get dressed in something that doesn’t smell like gym. Ludwig really knew how to make someone get very tired very fast with his training methods. I always got treated the hardest, though. I always wondered why that was, since me and Germany are such close friends, Ve~

I hear a whisper.
And I stop.

I turn to the left. There he is, leaning on a wall, a look on his face that shows no emotion.
I gasp. Then I run, tears showing on my eyes as I run from him.

I find a nice hiding place behind a trashcan. I hide there, crouched and shivering. I couldn’t believe it was him again after me for the God knows which time this week. I had hoped that he would give up after I evade him for as long as I could, but no. He still chases me, like some evil stalker.

Footsteps come from around the corner I had run past just now. And there he is again, walking at a moderate pace, stick attached to his belt. He observes the area and I have to ask myself if he is truly normal for being so emotionless in his actions against me. I bite my bottom lip and pray he doesn’t find me.

He observes the area, looking in all directions. At a point I had hoped he would walk away, having turned 180… But the hope was shattered when he turned yet again. Now facing my way. I try not to scream as I watch him.

He walks in my direction. My God he’s coming for me! How did he see me?!

Just as he grabs his stick and starts pulling it out, I shoot up and run past him, back the way I came.

I cry. Please, I wish he would stop chasing me, causing me this terror that he doesn’t even try to explain why… He doesn’t even explain why he does this!

His excuse had always been that there was something about my face. What was that, though?! What?! What made him want to harm me?! I’m just friendly little Italy, I don’t hurt anyone.

I run and run and can now distinguish the shapes of Germany and his brother Prussia up ahead. They seem to be talking about something and Prussia’s gestures can tell that he was pretty proud of himself for something. Vee~ I wish I could be already beside them in the safety of Germany’s strong arms. His strength always had protected me in the past. And always will. I just know it!


My thought of my friend got cut off as I felt a strong shoulder grab me and stop me in my tracks. My eyes shot wide open as I felt the familiar grip and reluctantly looked over my shoulder to confirm it.

Yes, it was him again. When did he catch up to me?! I don’t know and I doubt he will tell me.

Without saying a word he pushes me to the wall and pins me by the shoulder. I try to scream, but he instantly threatens me with his stick, which he keeps a few inches away from my face. I go quiet and stare at him in fear.

“Not a peep from you.” he says.

“W-why… Why do you…”

“Not a peep, I said.” the Balkan nation tells me with an authoritative voice.

I go quiet.

He looks at me. At my face. Not changing his gaze at all for the longest time. Then he raises the stick over his head, ready to hit me. I yelp and exclaim, again going against his threat.

“Why do you keep hurting me, Bulgaria?! What did I ever do to you?!” I cry out, tears flowing from my eyes.

Bulgaria halts in his action.

Did my question made him stop or something? Why this time, compared to the previous times? Why?

Bulgaria put the stick under his chin to think, even though I couldn’t tell if he was actually thinking right now or… whatever he would do with that stick.

After a few seconds he responded to me.

“Your face. Seeing it makes me want to harm you.” He replied.

Again with that answer.

I feel my lips turning in a big frown as I await the hit that would come after that proclamation. I close my eyes, awaiting my fate.

But… it never came. I opened an eye to peek and I saw Bulgaria scowling. Uwaaa! That was so scary, seeing the taller man actually show such a face to me.

“I just… I cant’ stand it. Everytime I see it I need to do something about it. I can’t stand it, seeing that dumb face of yours, North Italy!” Bulgaria grunted and squeezed at my shoulder. The pain felt like someone was stabbing needles into it and I instantly yelp.

It hurt. Why did my face make him so angry?! Was he at fault for something?!

“And that is why I will hit you again and again…” Bulgaria finished and with that he swung at my head.

I can’t speak. I can’t breathe. I just watch the stick coming for me…

And then a gloved hand catches the stick in an amazing speed. I am too scared to move my head, but from the corner of my eyes I could see my savior.

“Let him go, Bulgaria.” Germany’s powerful voice proclaimed as he gave a threatening look towards the other Axis.

“Or face the consequences of the Awesome me!” Prussia added as he held Bulgaria in some kind of restraining lock.

Bulgaria looked at the two, then back at me… And then he released me.

Without thinking much I went behind Germany and hugged Ludwig as hard as I could, clinging to him. “UWAAAA! Doitsu! Doitsu! I’m so happy you came to save meee!”

Bulgaria, as I noticed, got a disgusted facial expression for a second, then it faded. He returned to that emotionless face and prepared for his scolding.




Five minutes. That’s how long the scolding went on with Germany warning Bulgaria never to hit me again. Bulgaria eventually gave up and agreed to this. He lied though. I just knew it. After what he told me, the way he told me what he told me, I just knew that this wouldn’t be the end of it.

As Bulgaria made a little bow to Gilbert and Ludwig, after which he left, I felt an eerie chill go down my spine, imagining what could happen the next time.


I knew…

That even if he came after me, I would still have my dear Ludwig come and save me.

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