March 31st, 2009


New Journal tiem :D



Not 2 days even and already I haz a buddy here : D The lovely sora-ko :)
Thanks for the add back, Sora-san *bows* I am flattered, believe it. *is stabbed with kunais for returning the dead dub phraise of Naruto*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanywho. I felt like I should share with those, who like Axis Powers Hetalia (and Bulgaria of course : D), that I haz some Bulgaria arts :)

If you wanna see... Then here's some links: - Not really Bulgaria, but rather me as Bulgaria ^^; >A> <A< I tend to be a bit... Crazy... haha... - Same as above o 3 o

And... uhm... Yeah, that is all.

No wait! I would also like to express my grattitude to the likes of sora_ko and meltedpeep, for if not for them, I wouldn't have known how much my country's representative was actually cared about by APH fans :'D

Srsly yout two... You rock!

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