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Well, well, well, it's been a while since my last journal.

No biggie, I hope. :3

Anyways, felt like making an update on myself. I go to college, you see, first year. And i am a month away from finishing my first year.
All I have left to do is get ready for some exams that have to do with the specialty I am learning there and finish the task given to me and the others of my specialty there, which is to make a 30 second or longer animation with opening and ending credits and some kind of "episode" going on.
I haven't done much since we were given our task, but I'm gonna be working on it hard for the next two weeks. @ _ @
It's times like these I wish the Matrix's way of teaching was available.

Oh well...

Yeah. That's pretty much it.

.................... OR IS IT?!

Well, yeah.

It isn't. Much.

I'm curious to know, since i heard episode 15 of Hetalia came out, who's seen it? Can you link me to it if you have?! D: I must see it!!!

Thanks for your time.
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