[fanfic] Why'd you hit Italy?

"Hey, Bulgaria…"

Bulgaria blinked lightly, then turned to the voice that called to him. His eyes caught Thailand in their sights and he looked with his usual unreadable expression at the Asian nation. What did he want?

"Why is it that every time you see Italy, you keep assaulting the little fella?" Thailand asked, a calm smile on his face as he leaned against a wall.

The two were outside a big military building. A few minutes ago the two were in a meeting with the other Axis Powers and were discussing strategy. During that said meeting Italy was hit with a ruler by Bulgaria, thus getting scolded. That action by the Balkan nation made Thailand curious of why his ally in this war was so anti-Italy.

Bulgaria kept silent for a while. After a bit, though, he put his hands in his pockets and looked up to the sky. "His face. It makes me want to hit him as hard as I can."

Thailand raised a brow. It was something about Italy's face, then? Strange, he had never noticed anything in particular about the Northern brother to cause a physical assault. Was it that Bulgaria saw something that he couldn't?

Or was it just that Bulgaria was imagining things.


"Yeah." was the simple answer.

"Maybe you're just suffering from paranoya, Bulgaria?" Thailand suggested with the usual calm smile.

Bulgaria furrowed a brow, then looked to his colleague. Paranoya? Yeah right. He didn't like his face. What was so hard to understand about that?! "Maybe you're imagining that to label me with some condition, Thailand." Bulgaria replied.

Thailand sighed lightly. "I have a big imagination, perhaps… But I can tell that there's more to this story than meets the eye." he said lightly and removed himself from the wall, then stood beside the taller nation.

Bulgaria didn't say anything for a short time. When he did, he said: "What's it to you, anyways? For all you know, it's an European thing." He didn't want to talk about the issue, clearly.

Thailand could understand that, but curiosity prevailed. "Oh come now, it can't be that bad, can it?"

Bulgaria narrowed his gaze on the four-eyes and put his hands in the pockets of his coat. "Maybe it's something personal, maybe it isn't. Anyways it's none of your business, Mr. Thailand." Bulgaria said and turned in an attempt to leave this conversation.

Thailand, however, followed the Bulgarian, his footing matching that of the other. Bulgaria grunted. This was not what he wanted to happen. He started walking faster, going in the building. Thailand followed. Bulgaria stopped walking and ran for it. Thailand ran too.

Bulgaria pushed open a number of doors, running past offices and going up staircases, then going through another office and up another staircase. Thailand wasn't about to get left behind and ran quite fast as well, being 6ft away from the other man.

After a long period of running around the building, which included Bulgaria spilling coffee on Romano (and Thailand accidentally stepping on his foot), Hungary almost getting run over, but saved just in time by Austria and young Iraq getting his beret blown out from a window by the speed of the two other nations.

Bulgaria panted, cornered and glaring angrily at Thailand. "Leave me alone!"

Thailand panted as well, feeling tired just as much as the other. "Nope. Not giving up."

Bulgaria looked around, trying to find an exit. The closest one was a window. He didn't remember on which floor he was on, though.

"So, gonna tell me now, Bulgaria? Or should I resort to getting the information out of you by other means?"

Bulgaria growled. "Like hell I'll say!" And with that he jumped out of the window. Much to his dismay he found out he was on a pretty high floor. A painful impact was imminent. A yell of fright escaped the nation as he covered up, preparing to hit the ground (and probably break a few bones in the process).

However nothing happened. Instead of a hard ground Bulgaria felt landing on something soft and feeling like… skin? He reluctantly opened an eye and saw that he was on something big and gray. "What… the…?" And then came the voice.

"I see you finally made it to the first floor, eh?" Thailand spoke, sitting in front of him.

Bulgaria stared. "What?! When?! How… What the…?!"

Thailand smirked. "I've got my ways. You sure are lucky I had my elephant parked here, haha."

Thailand's happy smile made Bulgaria feel confused. Didn't he get tired of smiling so much?

"So now, you gonna spill the beans?"

Bulgaria clenched a hand into a fist. "Why you…" a second later he sighed, though. He relaxed his hand and turned on his back, looking to the sky.


Bulgaria closed his eyes. "Fine, I'll tell you. But only so you can leave me alone."

Thailand got a very victorious like expression on his face. "Hurray then!"

Bulgaria then proceeded to explain to the other in full detail his reasons. From start to finish, not leaving out anything he could remember. And when he was done, he sat up to look at Thailand.

"And that is why… Italy's face makes me want to hit him." Bulgaria spoke, the unreadable expression returning to his face.

Thailand sweatdropped. "Oh… I see… well, Italy isn't really at fault for how things have gone, though."

Bulgaria shrugged. "Doesn't stop me to hit him for that."

Thailand raised a brow. "Have you told anyone else about this, Bulgaria?"

Bulgaria shook with his head. "No. I suggest you don't share this with anyone." With that said he slid off the elephant and walked back into the building.

Thailand watched him leave, quietly.

"Otherwise your face's next." Bulgaria added, before disappearing.

Thailand smiled lightly. He looked to the sky and whispered: "Sooner or later he'll get over it."

He never said to anyone what Bulgaria had told him. He felt that Bulgaria sharing the reason with him meant that Bulgaria could at the least trust him somewhat. And he wasn't about to betray that trust. Maybe this was the way Bulgaria accepted Thailand as a friend?


[fanfic] The face he hates

Title: The face he hates

Artist: kaiju_z

Characters/Pairings: Bulgaria, North Italy, Germany and Prussia

Rating: Uh... not really good with those ^^;

Warnings: Italy gets bullied.

Summary: After some training, Italy gets bullied by a certain Balkan nation...

It’s the hidden base, just a few minutes after Ludwig was training me, Kiku and the other Axis members vigorously. Uwaa, such hard training.
I wipe some sweat from my forehead and I walk off to get dressed in something that doesn’t smell like gym. Ludwig really knew how to make someone get very tired very fast with his training methods. I always got treated the hardest, though. I always wondered why that was, since me and Germany are such close friends, Ve~

I hear a whisper.
And I stop.

I turn to the left. There he is, leaning on a wall, a look on his face that shows no emotion.
I gasp. Then I run, tears showing on my eyes as I run from him.

I find a nice hiding place behind a trashcan. I hide there, crouched and shivering. I couldn’t believe it was him again after me for the God knows which time this week. I had hoped that he would give up after I evade him for as long as I could, but no. He still chases me, like some evil stalker.

Footsteps come from around the corner I had run past just now. And there he is again, walking at a moderate pace, stick attached to his belt. He observes the area and I have to ask myself if he is truly normal for being so emotionless in his actions against me. I bite my bottom lip and pray he doesn’t find me.

He observes the area, looking in all directions. At a point I had hoped he would walk away, having turned 180… But the hope was shattered when he turned yet again. Now facing my way. I try not to scream as I watch him.

He walks in my direction. My God he’s coming for me! How did he see me?!

Just as he grabs his stick and starts pulling it out, I shoot up and run past him, back the way I came.

I cry. Please, I wish he would stop chasing me, causing me this terror that he doesn’t even try to explain why… He doesn’t even explain why he does this!

His excuse had always been that there was something about my face. What was that, though?! What?! What made him want to harm me?! I’m just friendly little Italy, I don’t hurt anyone.

I run and run and can now distinguish the shapes of Germany and his brother Prussia up ahead. They seem to be talking about something and Prussia’s gestures can tell that he was pretty proud of himself for something. Vee~ I wish I could be already beside them in the safety of Germany’s strong arms. His strength always had protected me in the past. And always will. I just know it!


My thought of my friend got cut off as I felt a strong shoulder grab me and stop me in my tracks. My eyes shot wide open as I felt the familiar grip and reluctantly looked over my shoulder to confirm it.

Yes, it was him again. When did he catch up to me?! I don’t know and I doubt he will tell me.

Without saying a word he pushes me to the wall and pins me by the shoulder. I try to scream, but he instantly threatens me with his stick, which he keeps a few inches away from my face. I go quiet and stare at him in fear.

“Not a peep from you.” he says.

“W-why… Why do you…”

“Not a peep, I said.” the Balkan nation tells me with an authoritative voice.

I go quiet.

He looks at me. At my face. Not changing his gaze at all for the longest time. Then he raises the stick over his head, ready to hit me. I yelp and exclaim, again going against his threat.

“Why do you keep hurting me, Bulgaria?! What did I ever do to you?!” I cry out, tears flowing from my eyes.

Bulgaria halts in his action.

Did my question made him stop or something? Why this time, compared to the previous times? Why?

Bulgaria put the stick under his chin to think, even though I couldn’t tell if he was actually thinking right now or… whatever he would do with that stick.

After a few seconds he responded to me.

“Your face. Seeing it makes me want to harm you.” He replied.

Again with that answer.

I feel my lips turning in a big frown as I await the hit that would come after that proclamation. I close my eyes, awaiting my fate.

But… it never came. I opened an eye to peek and I saw Bulgaria scowling. Uwaaa! That was so scary, seeing the taller man actually show such a face to me.

“I just… I cant’ stand it. Everytime I see it I need to do something about it. I can’t stand it, seeing that dumb face of yours, North Italy!” Bulgaria grunted and squeezed at my shoulder. The pain felt like someone was stabbing needles into it and I instantly yelp.

It hurt. Why did my face make him so angry?! Was he at fault for something?!

“And that is why I will hit you again and again…” Bulgaria finished and with that he swung at my head.

I can’t speak. I can’t breathe. I just watch the stick coming for me…

And then a gloved hand catches the stick in an amazing speed. I am too scared to move my head, but from the corner of my eyes I could see my savior.

“Let him go, Bulgaria.” Germany’s powerful voice proclaimed as he gave a threatening look towards the other Axis.

“Or face the consequences of the Awesome me!” Prussia added as he held Bulgaria in some kind of restraining lock.

Bulgaria looked at the two, then back at me… And then he released me.

Without thinking much I went behind Germany and hugged Ludwig as hard as I could, clinging to him. “UWAAAA! Doitsu! Doitsu! I’m so happy you came to save meee!”

Bulgaria, as I noticed, got a disgusted facial expression for a second, then it faded. He returned to that emotionless face and prepared for his scolding.




Five minutes. That’s how long the scolding went on with Germany warning Bulgaria never to hit me again. Bulgaria eventually gave up and agreed to this. He lied though. I just knew it. After what he told me, the way he told me what he told me, I just knew that this wouldn’t be the end of it.

As Bulgaria made a little bow to Gilbert and Ludwig, after which he left, I felt an eerie chill go down my spine, imagining what could happen the next time.


I knew…

That even if he came after me, I would still have my dear Ludwig come and save me.


[fanfic]An offer you can't refuse

Title: An offer you can’t refuse

Artist: kaiju_z

Characters/Pairings: Bulgaria, Russia, (Russia/Bulgaria) Germany and mentions of historical figures

Rating: PG (bleh, I dunno)

Warnings: Nothing really to be warned about, just some swearing

Summary: The year is 1944. It’s been a couple of months since King Boris III’s death and a gloomy Bulgaria gets a surprise visit by a familiar face


“Yes Germany, yes, I know. The troops… Yeah.” the man’s voice spoke into the telephone, going through to his comrade. “Yes, though I’m still not feeling too well…” His words came out quiet, almost in a whisper, the Bulgarian’s voice reminiscent of a melancholic son. “I’ll send the troops to the agreed destination, don’t worry.” he muttered, not sounding too enthusiastic, not at all, when speaking those words out.


Germany’s voice could be heard a moment later, the man’s strong speaking tone, loud speech pattern and dialect was easy to make out. “Zehr goot, Bulgaria. We shall speak later then.” the mysterious Ludwig spoke and before hanging up, added: “Oh and one more thing: Do something about that depression of yours. I know you loved your boss, but-“ he paused. Paused, as if waiting for the other to cut him off or something. Since nothing came, Germany finished his sentence: “now is not the time to be distracted. The allies are knocking on our doors, awaiting to smear the grounds mit our blood! We must be strong and focused so that we can defeat those pigs!”


Bulgaria gave a muffled “Yeah” in reply. Though he disagreed with the dismissal of his feelings towards his dead leader, Bulgaria was well aware Germany was right on one thing – they had to focus. One small mistake and they could be history. If only it was as easy as Germany was trying to make it sound, though…


“Very well… Sieg Heil.” And with those words, Germany hung up his phone. Bulgaria sighed deeply and did so as well. Placing a hand over his face, the brunette man thought long and hard about his current position. He could only blame himself for his depression. Damn it. Fuck. This wasn’t how he hoped things would turn out. Not at all! He expected to suffer some losses… But losing his boss?! No, he didn’t expect this of all things. He managed with the heated battles; the bombing of his capitol he endured with all his strength! Hell! He somehow even managed to keep his entire Jewish population alive and well out of Germany’s bloodstained hands. But Boris III… He couldn’t keep him alive.


The old saying about the snake and it’s head was correct. He felt lost and without guidance without his king. Damn it all. Damn it all to hell. He had no one to rule over him now. The only close blood relatives the king had were his son, Simeon II and his wife and neither was fit to rule, one was a child and the wife had no experience to lead. He cleaned his face with the butt of his hand and discovered tears. Crying?! Was he a little sissy now?! Was this all that remained of him now? An emotionally scarred man?!


Cussing again beneath his breath, Bulgaria stood up from his seat and moved his hand away from his face. Looking around with almond eyes, he examined every bit of the room he occupied currently. It was his office. Usually it was well kept and a mess could be considered only a little scrap of paper on the ground. Now the place looked like a tornado had passed through – a couch was flipped upside down, the bookcase was laying face first on the ground, documents of all kinds of importance were tossed aside and a broken bottle of alcohol he didn’t bother to read was tossed in the center of the room, it’s “blood” giving the carpet a strong smell.


Bulgaria turned to the window behind him and placed a hand on the glass. He observed the outsides. The day was so gloomy… Barely anyone was on the streets. Those that were were either kids that were playing some bizarre game or old people looking at the space he occupied and pointed fingers, mumbling to one another something. His hand shook.


He felt a chill, but why? It wasn’t winter time. True, it wasn’t as warm as it used to be, but it was September. September, an day in early September it was. Only a few months had passed, but the thought had never left his mind. He doubted it ever would. He shook with his head, agh, again procrastinating. But he couldn’t help it. He bit his bottom lip and turned around. Grabbing his military jacket he went for the door, putting the jacket on during the walk.


“I’ll have to talk with the troops then…” He had to do his end of the agreement he made with Germany. Before he could even reach the knob to his door, though, he stopped. He felt his entire body shake. But why? Why this sudden chill?


He felt like it was winter all of a sudden, but he couldn’t explain why. Putting his hands on his sides, he shivered slightly. “Crap, what’s going o-“ before he could even finish his sentence a knock came to his door. He raised a brow, confused. He wasn’t expect anyone to come over, did he? Maybe it was that Todor Zhivkov or perhaps it was Dimitar Blagoev with one of his insane ideas again. If it was either he would send them off of course. He wanted no part in talking with those people, they gave him a bad taste in his mouth just by staring at their annoying faces.


A second knock came to his door. The chill increased. What the fuck was going on here?!


“Who is it?” he asked. No answer. “I said, who is it?!” he exclaimed, awaiting to hear an answer again, but it didn’t come. He cussed. “if this is one of you kids again, hell no. I ‘don’t have time to tell you my story again.” he reached for the door. “I have work to do.” He finished and opened the door with a quick motion. He looked downward, expecting a child. But instead a pair of black boots were what his vision allowed him to view.


The boots were occupied by strong feet. He felt the room going colder as he raised his head up more, seeing the all too familiar coat, and one end of a scarf, after which massive shoulders and a neck hidden in that scarf. A cheerful smile was directed at him and he stared.


“You.” Bulgaria managed to speak and took a step back, startled by the taller man at the front of his office’s door. “What are you doing here?!” he exclaimed, no, shouted.


Russia, the largest country in the world… He was there, smiling at him and saluting Bulgaria with a very enthusiastic glee in his eyes as his gloved hand lowered. “Privet, Bulgaria, so nice to see you again.” as the Russian spoke, he let himself in. Bulgaria would try to say something against the action but he was too bewildered by the other’s presence and confused as to why Ivan Braginski was here. “It’s been a while.”


Bulgaria took a step back, managing enough sense to do that.


“Too long!” Ivan exclaimed and opened his arms for a hug. Though Bulgaria wasn’t up for one, Ivan embraced him all of a sudden and held him close, nuzzling the surprised brunette’s neck affectionately. He was a mystery among nations. This was just one of his sides. He could be as childish as a ten year old lovesick boy in one instance, but in another he could become your worst nightmare. Was Bulgaria to consider himself lucky for the former?


The hug lasted long and Russia wasn’t showing signs of letting go. “Ivan… What are you doing here? What about your allies?” he asked. That’s right! America, China, the UK and France, were his allies here as well? Wait… Was this going to be like a trap in a novel and Bulgaria would be ganged up on by the five nations?!


Ivan’s cheerful, child like, voice answered: “The capitalists aren’t here my old friend, don’t worry.” He spoke. Whether to trust him on that answer or not, Bulgaria wasn’t sure, really.


“And… what do you want here?” he asked, speaking slow and quiet, almost in a whisper, much like during his conversation with Germany. He tried not to show weakness, though, since he knew that was a bad move around other countries. Italy showed weakness allot of times and look where that got him. From being under Austria’s rule in his early childhood to now even getting bullied by his own allies. No, Bulgaria didn’t want to end up like the redhead.


Russia went quiet for a bit. Bulgaria looked at him from the corner of his eye, though since he was still embraced, all he could see was Russia’s beige hair and a bit of his hat. He was dressed in his uniform, after all.




“Bulgaria.” Russia spoke and a light chuckle came from his lips, a chuckle that made Bulgaria shiver slightly. “I came for you, Bulgaria. I came to make you an offer that you cannot refuse.” Were the words the 182cm tall man spoke.


Bulgaria’s eyes opened wide. Crap! What was Russia planning?! Was he going to try and make him his underling? What a way to succeed on other people’s misfortunes! Damn it, Russia was such an unpredictable guy. “You want me….?”


Russia nodded. “Join me, Bulgaria.” Ivan’s voice began to sound kind of mature as he spoke. “You’ve seen how bad things have gotten for you, since joining the Axis Powers… right?” Russia’s question made the brunette’s eyes shake. He gasped. “Though you succeeded in Yugoslavia and Greece, America and the UK harmed your capitol, while Germany did nothing about that…”


Bulgaria’s hands clenched tight into fists. Though it pained him to admit it, Russia was right. Bulgaria, though having allies in the Axis, had barely received any help when he most needed it. It was all Italy’s fault, he was sure of this. Italy and his constant blunders got all of Germany’s attention, leaving him with only the scraps of glances and nods (and the occasional “Do this or that and Sieg Heil” by the blond German).


“And then, your dear Boris III. He died and what did you get out of it?” Bulgaria didn’t answer. He felt a nasty pain in his heart. His breathing got heavy as memories of the day Boris III died went through his head like a movie. “More heart ache, that’s what.” Russia answered for Bulgaria. It was like he could read his mind.


Russia raised his head, looking to the window that was behind Bulgaria’s desk. “Selfish bastards. All of them. Though on opposite ends, the two sides want the same thing in the end – the ultimate victory upon their enemies.” Ivan kept speaking. “They just don’t care… for those that get caught up in the mix of it all… They don’t care how many of their allies might suffer and fall.”


Bulgaria grit his teeth. Ivan’s words. They were true! God damn it they were true! It all seemed so clear to him now. From the dawn of time it had always been like that between nations and humans. “Ivan…” he whispered.


“But I am not like those bastards, Bulgaria.” Ivan soon afterwards said. He placed a hand behind Bulgaria’s head and ran it gently through Bulgaria’s hair. “I truly care about others. I want everyone to co-exist happily.” A cheerful tone could be caught in Ivan Braginski’s words. “Bulgaria,” Ivan’s spoke in Bulgaria’s ear, “don’t you want to be happy too?”


Bulgaria’s fists loosened and opened. He felt odd and had fully forgotten he was still being embraced by Russia. Every word that Russia spoke went through Bulgaria’s head and each sounded louder than the previous.


Russia… He was there for him once before, offering his assistance. Bulgaria remembered it well. It was in the end of the 1800’s when Ivan came to him, like a knight in shining armor on a white horse from one of the classic writers’ books and saved him from the (then) Ottoman empire. Ivan offered friendship and kindness and Bulgaria accepted it then. And now, more than half a decade later the situation was similar.


But instead in armor and on a white horse, Ivan had come all the way from his home to him on foot. And instead of offering just the hand, Ivan gave him this – a long and warm hug. Bulgaria could feel his body shivering again, but this time not of coldness, but of something else. His cheeks flushed and he felt his knees getting weak.


“Don’t you want to be happy too, Bulgaria?” Ivan spoke again, his voice so warm and trustworthy sounding in the other nation’s ears. Bulgaria’s arms slowly raised and returned the embrace, his hands clinging close to the Russian’s uniform. Happiness…


“I do. I do want to be happy, Ivan. Oh please…” Bulgaria spoke and buried his face in the other’s shoulder. “Please, Ivan! Help me! What do I do, tell me!” Bulgaria spoke as he felt tears flowing out again. Damn it, just when moments ago he swore to himself not to show weakness – here he was, embracing with Russia and crying like a little girl.


Ivan sighed in relief. “Join me, da?”


The Bulgarian nodded. “Da.”


How fast things could develop. One moment he’s not involved in the war. Then in another he involves himself and becomes an Axis Power. And now… Now Bulgaria had joined forces with Russia. In one instant he had become a communist.


But he didn’t regret his decision. This alliance was all that mattered.


[fanfic] You think you've had it bad

Title: You think you’ve had it bad

Artist: kaiju_z

Characters/Pairings: Bulgaria/Belarus, mentions of Ivan, Byzantine, Ottoman Empire(Turkey) and various historical figures as well as current politicians

Rating: PG

Warnings: Swearing, drunk nations, slash~ @ w @

Summary: Two countries walk in a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it isn’t. Bulgaria meets Belarus and notices her depressed state. Curious of what’s causing it, he invites the girl for a drink. What follows though…


Long days. He both hated and loved them. On one hand you felt like you had all the time in the world, but on the other… Well, you felt like you had all the time in the world. Sounds the same, right? Well, not really. On one hand it’s a positive long day and on the other – a negative. Today he felt it was becoming one of those negative days. And Bulgaria didn’t want to go through one of those again. He had enough crap going on for him, what with GERB and rival parties causing all the drama, pointing fingers at one another and shouting phrases like “socialism”, references to “detention camps” and things such as that. Honestly, why couldn’t the politicians like Borisov and Stanishev just get along?!


With a deep sigh he shook with his head. The nation that had existed since the 600’s AD decided tat now wasn’t the time to be getting depressed. Even though there was still this financial crisis going on, he wanted to at least try and go through the day in a happy manner. Find something to do to keep his mind off of things. Checking his watch, the man noted that the time was perfect for a walk to the nearest bar or pub. Might as well have a long drink, right? So without thinking much after that he put on his black jacket and left his house, heading for one of his favorite spots.




The voices on the streets went quiet. Everyone’s attention went to something, someone, walking down the street close to a convenience store. The eyes of many turned to look in the direction of a young woman with ashblond hair and dark violet eyes walked, hands clasped before her with a bag in her gloved fingers. Her eyes looked cold, as did her expression. If one looked close enough towards her face, even they would feel a chill. This mysterious woman, the Bulgarians had never seen someone like her before. Something about her made them shiver. Was it fear or the coldness of her gaze?


She passed the crowd, ignoring them and their gazes. She was used to people giving her such stares. This wasn’t the first and it definitely wasn’t going to be the last time. She continued forward. Pulling a small piece of paper out from a pocket, the woman observed it carefully, after which she put it back in her pocket, memorizing what was written on it. It wasn’t a document or a letter, or anything like that. It was a shopping list made by her big brother, her big sister, as well as her boss.


“Big Brother wants clothing, a few bottles of his favorite vodka and homemade banitsa with cheese… Big Sister wanted some of the famous Bulgarian dairy products, as well as some mittens.” she paused for a bit, while talking to herself and stopped, looking about. “And my boss wanted some toys for his youngest boy.” she muttered to herself. She had somehow stumbled close to the NDK, or as it was known in English – National Palace of Culture. Hmmm, it would seem that she had walked off her path.


This was… awkward. It wasn’t usual for her to lose track of her walk. Thank god no one knew of this. It would be embarrassing if Big Brother Ivan found out she easily got distracted by her thoughts. Her cheeks went red for a bit and she put a hand on her face to cover herself up. Damn. Now what to do? She wasn’t used to living in this foreign to her place. And she didn’t know anyone, well, except for one person, but what were the chances of them meeting here today?


“Did the chilliness get to my head or am I seeing Belarus standing confused before me?” a voice came from in front of her. She looked forward and focused her vision on the person that stood there. She blinked once, looking at a man. His voice familiar, she noted that they had met before, not that she remembered when and under what circumstances. She almost at once recognized him.


“Mr. Bulgaria. Hello…” she spoke and gave a light curtsey, her expression not changing at all through the whole curtsey. What was Bulgaria doing at a place like this at a time like this? An simple walk was out of the question, considering it had been going dark. Was he doing some late night shopping? She didn’t know and she wasn’t really willing to ask the man.


The older man smiled lightly and raised ah and to wave at the girl. He recognized her immediately. How could he forget her, when he had memorized her face, as well as the faces of any other country he had met. He knew only one girl that could make such a serious face and not hesitate one bit. “Hello, Natalia. What’re you doing here at a time like this?” he asked and walked to her, hands in his pockets.


Belarus looked to her pocket and pulled out the list compiled by her siblings and boss. Bulgaria blinked, then leaned to it and observed it. It was in Russian and it had numbers on the left side. “Big Brother, Big Sister and my boss wanted me to do some shopping here…” she spoke in a monotonic sounding voice and put the piece of paper back in her pocket. “So… I followed their wishes.” she explained.


Bulgaria nodded. Yup, definitely this was Belarus. Only one person could talk like that that he knew. “I see. So how is that family of yours doing? Anything new? Good news? Bad news? How’s the economy and things like that?” he asked curiously. Considering he never really had the chance or time to talk with Belarus before, he felt this was the perfect time to start a conversation with her.


Belarus was about to speak, but then she noticed some people passing them by. She bit her lip inwardly, noticing that they were looking at them and whispering. Stupid people. What was it that they were talking about so much that they felt like keeping to themselves. They were probably talking about how scary she was. Everyone did that after or during seeing her, after all.


Noticing that the girl was looking at the people that were whispering to one another about them, Bulgaria furrowed his brow and exclaimed at the couple: “Hey, you two! K’vo po diavolite* is so interesting that you have to keep it to yourself? We want to hear too!” His words made the couple stop what they were doing and just walk off, covering their faces. Bulgaria shook his head and put a hand on his forehead. “Seriously, these people. These days everyone here’s a gossiper, sorry.” he spoke apologetically to Belarus, turning back to her.


Belarus nodded with her head, thanking for the defense, even though she felt that… Well, she didn’t need any defending. Everyone that knew her was well aware that she was very capable on her own. Well, except for Lithuania, who for some reason never noticed she broke his hand, or whatever it was that happened at the time. She didn’t quite remember and didn’t feel the need to.


“Anyway, back to my question…?” the man returned back to their original conversation.


Belarus blinked and nodded. “Ah yes, well, Big Brother and Sister have been doing alright.” She added quickly after that: ”I mean, their economies too have had their hardships, but they’re managing.” she spoke.


Bulgaria nodded. “Alright, was just wondering.” He canted his head to one side and observed her. People had often told him that she was a very scary person, but… Hmmm, she didn’t look so scary to him. Then again human beings have been known for being able to make things up and exaggerate. He looked at her face, carefully examining every inch of it, every tiny bit to it’s detail. He had this strange fame among nations to act based on people’s faces. Northern Italy came to know that a bit too well during World War II.


Belarus felt a bit awkward. The two were silent for quite a while, just standing there in the middle of the street, looking at one another. Was he… looking at her face? Was there something wrong? What was so interesting about her face that he kept looking. “What is it?” she muttered with that monotone voice again.


Bulgaria replied, “Judging by your face, there’s allot on your mind, ain’t it?” he asked, raising a brow.


Belarus tried to hold in a gasp and not change her facial expression. What the- How did he know that? Was it by staring at her for so long that he guessed that? She decided not to say. “No, whatever gave you that impression Mr. Bulgaria?” She referred to him as Mr. Bulgaria, because she never knew the man’s name. He kept his name a secret from other people. Why? No one really knew, maybe he was embarrassed, maybe he hated it and didn’t want others to know. Only Bulgaria himself could answer such a question.


Bulgaria sighed. “Don’t know. Ever since I was little I’ve had this “gift” to tell things by people’s faces.” He looked to the sky and looked like he was thinking over something. “Uh… no… maybe it was…” he looked down to Belarus again and added: “Oh yeah, now I remember. I think it first started with my first boss, khan Kubrat. I spent so much time with him that by the time he passed the torch to his son Asparuh, I knew very well what people thought by their faces.” He spoke, sounding very nostalgic and enthusiastic when talking about Kubrat.


Belarus was surprised by the man’s way of talking about his past. She had heard from Russia, who had heard from Bulgaria, that Bulgaria was very proud of his roots. Her brother had told her that when he was very, very young, Bulgaria was incredibly strong. Everyone knew him and had to think twice before engaging in a battle with him. After he was taken by Byzantine, though, he began losing strength and eventually Ottoman got a hold of him for a long time. Or that’s what she heard at least.


Those were the days… Bulgaria smiled a bit. “Say, want to talk it over a drink?” he asked.


Belarus stared, her expression finally cracking a bit to that of surprise. Was he asking her out on a date? So suddenly? Or was it just an offer to talk in a more comfortable area. She had just now remembered where they were. True, at a time like this it was better to be indoors when it came to talking. Who knows if some foreign country wouldn’t show up and try to jump them or something? After some thought she shook with her head.


“Huh, but why?” Bulgaria asked, wondering.


“I am deeply sorry, Mr. Bulgaria, but…” she paused. There was absolutely no way she was going to go drinking with someone she had just now started a lengthly conversation with.




Oooor… she could.


Belarus sighed, resting her hands on the chair she sat on.


She and the older nation were in a night club called “Double Vision”. The music was loud, but not too much. It was energetic and people were either dancing or drinking. No one was left out here. The ones that danced were doing so in a far from a classic kind of way. They weren’t even touching, they just moved about in crazy like ways. What was up with them?! Honestly, the teenagers of this decade… Bulgaria sat on the opposite end of the table, hands clasped on a cold glass filled halfway up with vodka, “Savoy” brand.


How did she get herself in this situation? Didn’t she just say she didn’t want to drink with Bulgaria, just a few moments ago? How did he manage to get her here is still confusing to her. But what was done was done. Now they were here, a bottle filled with alcohol between them.


“Mr. Bulgaria, I don’t think…” she tried speaking in an attempt to get herself out of this situation. She wasn’t sure of the other’s intentions. Was he just being nice or was he thinking of doing something to her? Higher were the chances of it being a kind gesture, because Bulgaria knew well who Belarus was related to and wouldn’t dare to anger Russia.


Bulgaria cut her off: “On the contrary. Belarus, you’ve got allot on your mind.” He replied. “You want to talk about your feelings and problems, but you can’t because you don’t trust your thoughts with others.” he spoke with a calm tone, quite like a detective that questions a suspect.


That was… quite the deduction. But how did he know?! Just by looking at her face? That was insane! But then again, Arthur Kirkland believed in dark magic and magical creatures, so maybe he wasn’t as crazy… But still. “I… don’t want to talk about my problems.”


Bulgaria closed his eyes and nodded. A number of times, after which he pulled the glass to his lips and took a long sip, gulping the substance down to the last bit he inserted. Putting the glass on the table, Bulgaria opened his eyes again and spoke: “I’m not an airhead like Mr. Jones or slow like Mr. F. Vargas. I can understand well when someone’s having problems.” he spoke, keeping his tone the same. “Sometimes Belarus, we have to find a perfect setting to speak our minds. I know this, because I too have experienced uncertainty in talking to others about my problems.”


The way he talked, it reminded Belarus of a way a mentor from one of those old karate movies, (that Torris and Alfred loved to watch so much), would talk. She looked to the side. Was this really ok? Talking with someone she had barely anything alike over things that do not concern the other party? She felt something cold close to her face and looked forward, taken out of her thoughts.


Bulgaria held a glass with vodka in front of the girl’s face. With a smirk, the older nation spoke up: “So come. Let’s drink and share our thoughts, our joys and frustrations.” he added with a tone of light enthusiasm.


Belarus, though hesitantly, eventually accepted the glass. “Fine.” she agreed and sighed. Closing the glass to her lips, she added quickly: “But only one glass and for only a short while. I have to buy things for Big Brother and Big Sister… as well as my boss.”




A few hours had passed. It was half an hour until midnight and half of the crowd in the nightclub had left, while most of the enthusiastic ones stayed and continued partying. On the upside Bulgaria and Belarus weren’t surrounded by people now. In fact, one could say the two were secluded. On the down side, though….


“And then, that one time he locked himself in his office!” Belarus exclaimed in a half-drunk voice. “He was hiding in his office wouldn’t let me in. I pleaded him to-“ she paused, hiccupping,”- open the door, but did Big Brother open the door?! HELL NO!” she shouted, swinging her fists around.


Belarus, the quiet, obsessive sister of Russia… she was ragingly drunk. Funny how the words she spoke before taking that first sip of vodka were now not even a part of her memories. In this state she was in, Natalia Arlovskaya was almost a polar opposite of her usual self. She was being loud, angry and was speaking whatever was on her alcohol induced mind.


“So you know what I did?” she asked, pointing at the man on the other side of the table. “Ya know what I did? I grabbed the damn doorknob and ripped it off! The goddamn doorknob was no more separating me from brother!” she yelled, gesturing as skillfully as a blind swordfighter how she did this. “But he escaped again, damn it. Just when I almost caught Big Brother, he jumped outta the window and hid somewhere.” she muttered, putting her hands on the top of the table.


Bulgaria, who was equally drunk, leaned against his chair, glass in hand. He was holding it like the Statue of Liberty held the torch and was nodding to Belarus’ ever sound. “Let it out, Bela-ruuuuuuuuus… Let it out!” he spoke sounding quite out of it.


Closing her eyes she raised her head and shouted. “WHY BIG BROTHEEEEEEER?! WHY?!”


Bulgaria nodded.


Belarus turned to look at the man and pointed at him. “But I’ll have ya know, I’ll get him. I’ll get him and get him good.” She said, sounding more like a person out for revenge, rather than a love sick puppy.


Bulgaria nodded again and closed the glass in to his lips. “I’ll fucking drink to that.” and with that said he downed the glass’ content in one shot, like it was nothing. When done, Bulgaria put the glass hard on the table and slammed his fist next to it. “You know what, though? I’ve got a fuckin’ worse story than that.”


Belarus, resting her head on the table, raised a brow and looked at Bulgaria, trying to focus well so as to make the “other two Bulgaria’s” get the hell away and distract her.


“You think your story’s bad, check this out, Natalia.” He muttered and raised a finger as he spoke that out. “Let’s go back to the 600’s AD. I can’t even fucking remember my own actual birth date. Forget the  month and day, I can’t think of the damn year. My bosses made me fight so much and I got hit more than enough to not be sure whether I was born in 632 or 681.” he paused, clenching his fist tight. “What the fuck?! I cant get some rest and I can’t get a birthday?! What kinda heartless bastard does this to his own nation?!”


Belarus just stared and nodded.


Bulgaria continued on. “But that’s not the worst.” He tried to fix his sitting stance so as to look taller and then continued. “1018AD, right?” he spoke, as if expecting Belarus to understand what he was talking about. The man just kept going: “After a long time of battle, side by side with her, Mama Fuckin’ Greece ‘s boss decides it’s alright to betray me and my boss, Boris II.” He looked very displeased, while talking about this.


Leaning back in his chair, he grabbed the bottle and took a long sip, after which he handed it to Belarus. She filled her glass up and drank some, while Bulgaria continued. “So 50 years later, my boss’ army gets fuckin’ blinded, my boss dies of a heart fucking attack and I get taken away by Byzantine. Fuck.”


Belarus listened to the other’s words, hearing his hardships. That definitely seemed like a hard moment in time. She drank more, which made her force herself to focus more on him.


“But that is not the worst part. Screw the fact I was a kid. Screw the part where my boss has a heart attack and I got kidnapped. My boss Peter the IVth and Ivan Asen I saved me like a century and a half later.” His fists clenched tighter and he took a long chug from the bottle. Apparently this was a signal that his story was gonna get worse. “I got fucking weak, ‘cause my people got devided over the years and the Ottoman Empire fuckin’…. That fuckin’ old pedo took over.”


He paused and leaned forward to Belarus, pointing at her with one eye half open. “You know what’s like to be in a real shitty situation? Like, so shitty that you can’t help but scream it out “OH SHIT!!!”?!” he pointed at himself then. “That’s me back then. 5 centuries. Count them! FIVE!” he pointed his hand at her, but instead of holding five fingers he held three. In his drunken state he couldn’t tell, it looked to him like he had six. He needed to lay off the booze, seriously.


Belarus stared and drank, listening and watching him as best as she could in her own state.


“Everyday he’s like “Convert to Allah! Convert to Allah!” and when I don’t wanna he hits me and cuffs me and doesn’t give me food. FIVE fuckin’ centuries worth of beatings, starvation, failed attempts to save mahself… Crap!”


He sighed and leaned against his chair again. “And then Ivan comes in. Ivan and his boss and his soldiers and shit.” He waved his hands about. “Like a fairy tale knight he came in and saved me from the pedo bastard! And I thanked him for it. We were big pals then.” He rolled his head.


Belarus blinked in surprise. So the story was true. Big Brother’s story of him saving Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire was true. Way to go Big Brother!


Bulgaria frowned and put a hand on his face. “I thought so at least. I thought we were pals. But the moment he saved my ass…” he looked at Belarus from the corner of his eye. “He went from happy face to creepy “Become one with Russia, да?”. He slammed his fists on the table. “Just like every other invader, he wanted me just for the hell of commanding me, the bastard!” he shouted, gritting his teeth.


Belarus’s eyes opened wide and she leaned forward. “Not true! Big Brother… he just wants to have everyone with him.” Belarus spoke in defense of her older sibling. She understood that allot of nations felt that Ivan was a selfish man, who wanted everyone and everything, but she also knew his true motive. He didn’t want to be alone. And what better way to get rid of the loneliness than by having everyone with him?


Brother’s methods were cruel, though, so she knew that not everyone could get to this deduction so easily… Damn, if only she could make the entire world get his reasons… Wait, what? No, she didn’t’ care about that. She cared about being one with him, not to have anyone else be with her brother. Damn people, always looked on by brother with those eyes that she wanted him to show her! Damn bastards!


Bulgaria scowled and just grabbed the bottle. He took a very long chug. “Tch… He wants love, love can’t be forced. I’ve heard that before, Bela-“ he paused. His expression turned very gloomy. The alcohol was really getting to him. He bowed his head and sighed. “… I want love too. But do I get it? No, I fuckin’ get the “most corrupt and poorest EU member” card.”


Bulgaria raised his head to look at her. “is love measured by how much money you have? Or how tough you are? Your damn status in the world?!’


What Belarus saw made the woman get out of her thought pattern. What she saw was the face of a man, who has been through hell, back and still not found true happiness. Her face went red. The alcohol, as well as the sadness she felt for this man that became a drinking buddy of hers just recently… “Bulgaria… I didn’t know you f-lt this way.” she spoke, barely managing to form words from all the booze she drank.


Bulgaria went silent. He looked to the side and grunted. “Tch…  feelings. We countries… Do we really feel or are we just… expressing our people’s emotions?!” he muttered and tried thinking it through. In his state, though, he couldn’t really think much. Was the world gray, was it black? Was it white? Was it a freaking rainbow that he missed and landed in a bush of thorns?! What was it that was keeping him from being happy?! “Joy, warmth, love… I’ve felt happy ‘fore and I’ve felt warmth… but Love…”


He shook with his head. “Bah, the fuck am I getting’ all emotional here for?!” he exclaimed all of a sudden, snapping out of his depressed mood. He grabbed the bottle and raised it. “We’re here for ya, not me, so let’s drink mo-.” He paused. Or… better said was cut off by a hand that touched his face.


He looked at the owner of the hand – Belarus. She was kneeling on the table, why she was on the table in the first place god knows why… - and was touching his left cheek. Her eyes were on him and he looked stupefied, wondering what she was doing. Crap! Was she going to beat him up for him verbally attacking her brother now?! He wouldn’t be surprised if she did, after all she loved her brother like no other.


What followed next, though, was something he definitely didn’t expect. Her face went red and she canted her head to one side. “You want love, да?” she spoke in a quiet, yet strong enough to hear voice that sounded like something you would hear in a drama movie.


“Belarus, wha-t’re you doin…g?” Bulgaria tried to speak, his face going red too.


With no warning she leaned forward, her lips planting on his. The last thing he saw, before losing consciousness was Belarus climbing off the table and onto his lap and the last he felt before passing out from the alcohol was her warm lips on his.


“From Belarus with love… huh?” was his last thought and then everything went black.


APH - The German and the Bulgarian

This is a little fic I wrote just now, centered around the time that Bulgaria's boss, Boris the 3rd died.
I don't write many fics, so bear with me ^^;

[Fanfic] The German and the Bulgarian
Title: The German and the Bulgarian
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Bulgaria and Germany and a mention of Boris the 3rd
Summary: Depressed over the death of his boss, Boris the 3rd, Bulgaria gets visited by Germany...
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight cussing in German and Bulgarian.

You can find the fic here:


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